Ways to get Your Blog Into Google and yahoo Media and Yahoo News

Google News and Yahoo News are the biggest automated news flash aggregators online. Millions of information junkies across the planet read these media options every day. If you want major publicity and exposure for your Yahoo, Google, and blogs are where you would like to be.

You are going to drive HUGE traffic for your blog and also you get immediate popularity from readers across the earth! This’s yet another excellent way to showcase your credibility and expertise to mass audiences.

Before you can submit the blog URLs of yours, make sure to sign on for both a Yahoo and Google account (sign-ups are free!)

How Google News Works

Google “crawls” news websites and builds articles. Headlines are crawled grounded on algorithms/certain factors: how often and the specific site where story appears.

Google taps into more than 4,500 English language news sources worldwide. You will find NO human editors associated with selecting articles. They solely depend upon internet news outlets and web based publishers to decide which stories have the most prominence/relevance. Google News involves top stories and eight sections: World, Entertainment, Sports, Sci/Tech, Business, Nation, Health as well as Most Popular.

o Currently, Google News doesn’t accept single articles or even RSS/Atom feeds.

o Submit blog URL – You have to answer a few considerations first before you publish your URL. Google reviews the blog of yours to decide whether it is suitable for inclusion. They will notify you in case your blog is accepted or perhaps in case they need to have additional info. They can’t guarantee that your site will be put into Google News

o Google News Help Topics provides more information and strategies for publishers.

How Yahoo News Works

Yahoo also gets millions of visitors to Yahoo News each day. Yahoo News works just like Google News. There are not human editors selecting very best stories. Main stories ( you read on Yahoo News front page) are produced by content partners. Internal search stories are found via the Yahoo News indexing.

o Fill out the Yahoo News source style. Yahoo asks you to fill out a couple of preliminary questions. Additionally you need to have the ability to “pitch” the blog of yours. Yahoo asks you exactly why you recommend the blog of yours therefore make it sound really good!

o Yahoo News will determine if your blog is suitable for inclusion – they will contact you if your blog is accepted.

Tips on how to Get Your Blog Accepted

The competitors is inflexible when applying to Google News and Yahoo News, and many blogs are rejected. However, you’ll find some publishing tips to help keep in mind when creating/writing the blogs of yours.

o Video clips – Unique content wins whenever! Remember to make your content SEO friendly and also add relevant keywords. Don’t duplicate content on the blogs of yours!

o In excess of one blogger/author – Content from one writer on its own won’t do just fine – include guest bloggers/writers or question one more blogger to join you!

o Response time – Server response time (Bots find pages they can index quickly and that load quickly for readers)

If Google News accepts the blog of yours, Google suggests adding sitemaps to your blog. Sign up for Google Webmaster Tools and add sitemaps via the resources section. This’s the best way to promote web traffic and also for spiders to effectively crawl the blog of yours.

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