The Truth About Weight Loss Pills

Have I got your attention?

People don’t believe that the statement is true since they don’t understand the fundamentals of weight loss.

Losing weight is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. In other words do not attempt to lose weight in 2 weeks that took two years to
gain. Sure there are diets that promise that you will lose 10 lbs in 2 weeks but most of those diets are not sustainable. When you
go on one of these diets you may eliminate weight, but it is water, not the fat you wish to shed. Once you finish or go off this
diet, and you’ll because most of them are boring and you go back to eating the foods you enjoy, you may gain the weight you lost
and much more because you did not change your eating behaviour whilst on the diet program.

So how do losing weight be easy? First you have to establish yourself reasonable and attainable goals. Use the method of target

Particular – set a target goal for the weight loss, continue into a fairly modest number say 2 to 3 pounds

Measurable – keep a record of your progress at a Weight Loss Journal

Achievable – create the target you set.

Realistic – don’t try to Eliminate all of the weight remember this is a marathon

Timely – place a time limit to attain your goal.

By using this method you will program your mind, for almost any effective program to eliminate weight has a psychological portion
in addition to a physical portion to it, if you would like to stick to a weight loss program.

Next is to track. Utilize your Weight Loss Journal to keep track of all of the food that you eat during the day. You could be
amazed at how many high sugar/high calorie drinks you’ve got throughout the day and snacks. When you know what it is you are
eating, then you can remove and substitute healthy foods in your weight loss program. Do not eliminate fats, but find the right
sort of fat, but not the saturated fats which you get from fried foods but more unsaturated fats and fatty acids. Some fat is
necessary for your body to completely absorb the nutrients inside the foods we eat.

You will have to do some exercise but this is as simple as a brisk walk for 20 to half an hour. Going to the gym isn’t necessary
if you don’t would like to build muscle, which will also help you in reducing fat, but when starting your weight loss plan it is
best to stick with a simple exercise which you can do without the cost of a gym membership.

Inspire yourself to stick with your plan. Post images of how you want to look on a vision board. Tell your friends. They’ll
continue to inquire. Reward yourself when you get to your intermediate objectives. This could be a dinner out or a bowl of
ice-cream or some chocolate, only when you eat those items, eat in moderation.

These tips should help make your weight loss easy. You will find that following these tips will mean a change in your life s a
loss of weight that you can keep off.
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