SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING Guide For New Writers Or Website Owners – Part 1

I understand that numerous new bloggers or site owners intend to blog for cash but never use the best technique to achieve the objective of theirs. The putting together of a new website or blog provides an intriguing analogy of nurturing a new born baby. Birth is given by you to a brand new child (create and host a new website), give it a name (create a domain name), teach it (customize it with themes and plug ins) and nourish it (add brand new contents) everyday.

Based on the analogy, there’s no “quick-fast” way to produce a whole new website becomes mature, popular, and ranked high by online search engine overnight. If you are working on SEO (Search Engine Optimization), you should remember to do it slowly and gradually. You can’t rush, have confidence in me! That’s why I hate black hat SEO. The rationale is because even if you succeed in making your website or site ranks top in search engine benefits, it wouldn’t stay there for long. Search engines are going to discover your ban and trick you. Uncomplicated as that.

To find out what are the important factors of SEO, you could read the following guide I’ve written for you. This is just the first part of the guide. The rest is going to follow shortly.

SEO Guide For new Bloggers Or Website Owners (Part 1) – Building The Website of yours For SEO

A) Find the appropriate Niche

The right niche is usually one that you are most comfortable with, well versed in and be able to think of new ideas as well as subjects to write about every day. Up to now, the most favored niche would be webmaster and money-making related.

B) Think Of The right Keyword(s)

Excellent, now you found the niche of yours, another item you ought to do, is to consider your keyword(s). Decide whether you wish to go for a single keyword or multiple keywords. In addition, decide on whether you wish to work on general term or perhaps keyword phrases. For a start, I would advise you to go for “single keyword phrase”. An excellent example would be “How To Blog For More Money”.

C) Choose The right And Unique Theme

Once you understand what to blog about and identified your keyword, thing you should do is always to find a right and unique theme that suits your niche. Example in case your site is focused on blogging for money, you should go for a design that has a professional look to convince your visitors that you’re sincere in this company.

In case you’re into blogging, I would recommend WordPress as the blogging software to make use of. If you have a little money to spare, I’d suggest you to go for personalized theme. Free themes are normally used widely hence may lost their uniqueness.

In order to create the entire guide more organized, I have decided to break it into a number of regions (sections) to enhance your reading pleasure. I have also provided this element of the manual into my SEO web page, which is going to allow you to get around here effortlessly from the main site.

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