Olympic Long Jump In A Space Colony – New Galaxy Document, No Difficulty

In watching the 2012 London Olympic Games it was amazing the amount of agility shown in the track and field events. These humans were more like superheroes than anything else. It was simply incredible to look at the long jumpers going more than 25 feet, and triple jumpers go 50+ feet. Of course, before the Olympic Games had concluded NASA pulled off an Olympic level feat of their own landing a rover on Mars, which weighed more than the average SUV, making use of a strategy that looked as a thing that even Arthur C Clarke could not have come up with. Alright so let’s talk about all this for second shall we?

Athletics Facility that in the next couple of decades we are planning to have a colony on Mars, and it likely will be some sort of international effort. There will be also a space station on the moon perhaps Chinese, American, or another combination or nation of nations in the space race. Private spaceflight will be offering trips to other worlds. Now then, let me ask you a question; what goes on when the space colonists also decide to compete in the Olympics?

What flag might they compete under if they live in an off world colony made up of people from many nations? Will they compete under the Martian or even Lunar flag, will they compete under the American Space Federation flag, or will they compete under their home country’s flag? We simply don’t know yet, but rest assured they are going to want to compete.

Interestingly enough, there was a fascinating piece in Wired Magazine recently titled; “Olympic Physics: Air Density and Bob Beamon’s Crazy Awesome Long Jump,” by Rhett Allain on August 4, 2012. We naturally know whether long jumpers and triple jumpers are competing with one third or 1/5 the gravity that they are going to be ready to set world records, or even relatively solar system records, of course all those new records will be all relative.

Still, there’s another component here. It won’t just be the real difference in gravity, but the difference in air pressure, nothing to slow them down on their run up, and very little gravity to pull them back down into the sand pit.

When they come back to Earth they won’t be in a position to go nearly as far, but perhaps they will have better form to make up for it. It may perhaps be that earthlings are able to go to the space colonies and improved their records due to the difference in gravity dwell and atmospheric pressure. Certainly, it’s a unique thought, so I thought I’d talk about that with you. Please consider all this and think on it.

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