How to Compare Press Release Submission Services

Many individuals seek out help writing a news release, nevertheless it doesn’t matter how well written the press release of yours is if no one considers it. While generally there are some free press release distribution services, you may have more success through the use of a qualified distribution service.

Whether you’re interested to communicate your story with other members of the area of yours or perhaps professionals world-wide, you will find distribution services available to help you to meet up with your goals. Most folks are not aware of what to search for in a distribution company, so here’s some tips to consider when comparing companies:

o Some distribution expertise spam journalists. They will often advertise that the press release of yours will be delivered to thousands of journalists, but huge question is – will those journalists also go through it? Good companies foster relationships with journalists that will be serious about receiving relevant press releases.

o Be sure your press release will be distributed to Tier 1 newswires. Simply because an enterprise has “wire” in its name does not mean it is a newswire service. You can find two newswire frontrunners for press releases: PR Newswire and Business Wire. These’re the two newswires that journalist regularly review for stories.

o Find out how a company will notify you where your release has been delivered. Good companies are going to provide you with links in which you are able to easily find your release. With a bit of companies, they solely send out a link to their internet site and you never actually know whether they’ve sent out the release of yours. In most cases you should be able to find your press release on news searches of Google and Yahoo.

o If possible, find out what time of day a business distributes press releases. It’s wise to have it done at the beginning of the morning, east coast time. When journalists get to work in the early morning they check their email for potential stories. It is a lot better for them to read your press release first thing in the morning than late afternoon.

o Ensure the press release of yours won’t be sent as an attachment within an email. Because of the risk of viruses, lots of work places do not let opening of e-mail attachments. It is best if your release is submitted the body of an email with a hyperlink for additional information or any pictures.

o Check for additional charges. As with some other services, at times you are slammed with hidden costs, definitely improving the original quoted price.

Even if you go with a great news release distribution service, be realistic with the expectations of yours. No service is able to guarantee results. It’s difficult to obtain press; there are a huge number of other companies and individuals fighting for publicity. Naturally, it helps you to have a properly written release that really has newsworthiness. But, you can find several variables some of which are entirely out of the charge of yours. Luck and timing are actually 2 huge ones. in case a major story breaks the day the press release of yours is issued, it will likely be over looked, but in case it happens to be a “slow” information day – you may be in luck.

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