Gathering up and Valuing Vintage Wrist Watches


Time pieces have down the ages always been appreciated, valuable and collected. It was just towards the final years of the 19th century which wrist watches came about. The production of the first twentieth century to aproximatelly 1940 saw the manufactured pieces as standard but there were a few that have been produce that broke the mould and some chronographs, repeaters,split second timers and others with consequence were produced. These were of very top quality and rare and so fetch prices that are high at auction.

The post World War II watched two very important innovations come about, specifically the Gyromax balance and the Planetary Self Winding Rotor. From about 1950 all of these new developments had been integrated in an upsurge of processing as well as it is this area in time that became of interest on the collector from about 1980 onwards.


The space of collecting the wrist watch is pretty well defined and is fairly simple to follow, so always there are no surprises in case you have the wallet.Of course you will find anomalies in the field in which a portion breaks the format and significance are able to be entirely from line.If the maker will be the very best and that piece special and rare then the watch may be termed ” Very important” and prices can go well into 6 figures.

Points for the collector

* The maker:a person or possibly a factory

* Material of manufacture: chrome nickel,stainless steel,silver, gold,platinum.

* Style: sophisticated and desirable,new & rare.

* Degree of uniqueness and complication incorporated.

* Rarity of development as well as complication incorporated.

* Special production for a particular event or even royalty

Examples of what is special for the collector would be repeaters [watches that chime], chronographs as well as split 2nd timers [stop watch function that comes with the camera], calendar, moon stage and sidereal function.Shape is considered and unusual case shapes with items together are evaluated. Curved casing,square as well as rectangular properly styled cases in eighteen carat gold or perhaps platinum are top of the list. Silver is not a great collectors material and in fact stainless steel would is preferred here.

The engineering quality and complication of the mechanism is the center of the matter and if that particular factory and watch was liable for that innovation the value would have a premium.For example the Cartier Drivers view features a “curved movement”. Patek Phillipe mechanisms are internally of top quality finish This gets big bonus value. Condition and repair inflicted on the mechanism is vital. Watches timed for more positions have a lot more value.

Makers such as Patek Phillipe, Vacheron, Universal,Cartier and Audamars Piguet are several of the most prominent brands and are most kind after.


By handing the pieces and speaking to the collector and some dealers together with research one should be an authority and so know whether the portion is “right”. That is whether it’s fake, been severely remedied or even the condition is not acceptable. Likewise one should be awake to its potential such as importance through rarity and quality and be ready to move quickly. Good pieces don’t wait long for buyers.

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