Cats Love Christmas So Include Them in the Celebrations

As they spend much time with their human partners, both cats and dogs know when our behaviour changes and respond to it.

So as the excitement increases in the run-up to Christmas, they can feel it in their owners and most want to be included in it.

This year, as many millions of people prepare their Christmas gift lists, they will include their canine and feline companions and plan to show them how much they are loved at this particular time of the year.

It is especially exciting in a home where a pet is approaching its first Christmas.Image result for Cats christmas

As the cards and decorations increase, they present a fascinating change in their environment that they can not resist to explore.

Of course, this can mean much misfortune when they find the tree, with its adornments and lights that shine in a seductive, too irresistible way, but Christmas is a time for sharing, is not it?

Even if your cat or dog does not appreciate the treats (and it is rare that it does not), it can be a good move, since the winter weather is getting ready to stock up on bulk supplies from your favourites.

Ragdoll cat, you want to keep happy. Keep in mind that, over the next few weeks, you probably have more human company than you will have for the rest of the year, so have some extra toys or a scratch post to give them for the much-needed exercise.

You can join them to play; it’s a lovely way to spend time when the weather is not suitable for something else.

Cats need physical and mental stimulation, and interaction with them at every opportunity makes them feel part of the family, and it has been shown that it also improves the well-being of humans.

The weather can make anyone go down as the winter progresses, but bringing in some new cat toys or a cat scratching post will give them something to focus on, as well as what they might be doing there in the snow.

So make sure your cat has not forgotten this Christmas. Allow them to share the excitement and happiness of the occasion, and they will thank you for the rest of the year.

Choosing a Cage For Your Sugar Glider

Owning a sugar glider can be a rewarding experience. If you are thinking of bringing one (or more) to your home, you will need a cage for your friend to live in.Image result for Choosing a Cage For Your Sugar Glider

Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing a GLIDER cage. These tips will help you provide safety for your sugar glider and peace of mind for yourself.

Pet cages are available in a variety of materials.

Cages made of bare wire can irritate the feet of a glider, so it is best to look for a wire cage with a paint powder or possibly a vinyl cage.

The powder-coated roller is easier to clean and more resistant to the feet of a glider. Glass cages look good when they are new, but can be scratched easily, where sugar gliders want to climb.

The gliders enjoy climbing and jumping, and as a result, you should consider the height of the cage. Vertical space is more important in sugar gliders than horizontal.

A good rule is to have an area at least three feet long from the glider, although it is certainly good to have a cage higher than three feet.

It is also important to make sure that the cage bars do not exceed 1 inch.

Bars with half an inch of space between them work well. The wire cage will allow your glider to climb into the cage instead of buying something to place it inside the cage to climb it.

Sugar gliders are very smart animals and can learn to open their own cage. For your safety, it is advisable to find a cage that has a latch or a secure latch that can not be opened.

gliders are great pets and can provide a lot of fun. Choosing the right cage will eliminate many problems along the way and allow you to enjoy the new member of the family more.