A The Info About Cork Flooring

Cork flooring is a natural product of cork oak tree.

The cork is collected from the bark of cork oak trees.Image result for Cork Flooring

There are inherent differences in color and tone you should expect.

Since cork is harvesting commercially, you can expect to harvest many different trees at the same time and use them in making cork products. Including flooring.

After collecting cork from cork it may take about 6 months to dry. Before removing the product from cork, the cork plug is drilled for drip bottles and champagne bottles.

The remaining cork material is crushed by the production of cork and used in making the product for the flooring.

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Then, cork is pressed into 4 “thick molds, using different baking methods in the process, depending on the manufacturing, as in the case, you will have different layers of baked cork molds.

If you are installing the cork floor yourself, make sure to mix the tones during installation. You should open all the boxes and mix the tiles as much as possible to get a uniform shape of color and shade. If you have a professional who is installing your floor, you should make sure they follow the process as well.

If the floors of the cork tiles are stained with any particular color or contain color additives, you should be careful when exposed to ultraviolet rays that can change the color of the floor.

If the room is fitted with lots of sunlight, make sure you get window treatments such as blinds or curtains so you can reduce exposure when no one is in the room.

If you would like more information about this flooring product and how to install it yourself, Visit My Site. Remember, if you want amazing natural green flooring for the environment, you should choose cork for your flooring solutions.