How to Cook Potatoes in the Microwave

Here is a quick tutorial on how to cook sausages in a microwave. This is very good for the active mother who would like to find dinner quickly prepared. Also, it is ideal for all those hot summers when you do not want to light the stove or the oven.

I use the moderate or large freezer of Rock N Serve from Tupperware according to the number of potatoes I am using. Try to locate a safe container for dishwashers that is deep for those who never own Rock N Serve containers.

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Peel and minimize in your sausage right into quarters.

Put in your dishwasher bowl. You may have to put in drinking water.

If you are using the Rock N Serve container, you will never need to carry drinking water. In the event, you have 1-5 sausages that you would prepare for a quarter of an hour. Stir every five moments to avoid access points. It will be really for ordinary sized tomatoes.

Later you can use the tomatoes in the recipes themselves. Here are some examples.

For the celery puree:

Heat the milk and butter in a small microwave-safe container.

Pour into the container where the hot vegetables are.

For housing salads:

Minimize potatoes in small pieces instead of quarters before cooking them in the microwave. Insert the tomatoes. Increase the heat and fry the flavor.

For curry salad:

Keep the potatoes in the container shortly after swallowing and place them in a modern dish or in a bowl with a sink in the water. This helps cool the tomatoes fast. Create your favorite curry salad and put it on the

The potatoes when they really get cold. As an example, I include Miracle Whipchopped onions and sliced ​​boiled eggs, as this is how my whole family enjoys their curry salad.

As you can probably see well this time, you can use your recipes when all the tomatoes have been cooked. Cooking them in the microwave is simply a quicker and more convenient strategy to prepare the sausage.